Q: Can I use my Dutch Pcard+ abroad?

You can indeed use your Dutch Pcard+ abroad. However, in Germany and Austria the system is slightly different. First insert the Pcard+ in the Pcard+ terminal at the entrance/exit. As soon as your Pcard+ is recognised, the barrier will go up.

Q: I can’t enter the garage with my Pcard+ any more. What should I do?

Contact our customer service on contact@pcard.nl or call +31 88 54 21 350.

Q: I entered the discount code for € 10,- parking credit, but I don’t see my discount anywhere.

If you entered the promotional code for € 10,- parking credit, this will be deducted from your next transaction. That means you won’t see it on your invoice either. We will start invoicing you again when you have used up your € 10,- parking credit.

Q: Can I use my Pcard+ to enter and exit the parking garage several times, while only paying the daily rate once?

No, unfortunately you cannot.

Q: How can I cancel my Pcard+ contract?

To cancel your contract, you can send an e-mail to contact@pcard.nl.

Q: How do I change my personal details?

If you have a Private contract, you can change your details in the My Pcard+ section on the website.

If you have a Private+ or Business contract, you can send an e-mail to contact@pcard.nl.

Q: How can I add and/or remove a Pcard+ for my current contract?

It is not possible for the Pcard+ Private to add an extra card to the contract; the maximum number of Pcard+ cards for this contract is 1.

To add a Pcard+ to your Private+ or Business contract, or to remove a Pcard+ from your contract, you can send an e-mail to contact@pcard.nl.

Q: Why was I charged €0.01 on my credit card during registration?

In order to check your credit, a direct debit must first be made. € 0.01 is the minimum amount we can charge. This amount is automatically added as credit onto the Pcard+.

Q: What is the difference between the Private, Private+ and Business Pcard+?

There are no specific differences in the use of the Pcard+. All Pcard+ cards have the same rights and benefits.

The only difference is the payment method:

  • A Private contract is linked to a credit card without an invoice.
  • A Private+ contract is linked to a monthly invoice.
  • A Business contract is linked to a monthly invoice based on a VAT number.
Q: As a Pcard+ member, can I enter and exit the parking garage without my Pcard+?

No, you cannot. You must have a Pcard+ with you if you want to enter and exit and make use of the Pcard+ discount.

Q: What should I do if I lose my Pcard+?

If you lose your Pcard+ or if the card is stolen, contact our customer service on contact@pcard.nl or call +31 88 54 21 350.

ATTENTION: Make sure you have your customer or contract number at hand when you call our customer service. If you send us an e-mail, please state your customer or contract number so that customer service can help you more quickly.


Q: How do I use my Pcard+?

Hold your card in front of the logo on the Pcard+ machine at the entrance and exit. The system scans your Pcard+ and you can easily enter and exit the garage.

Q: How much does it cost to buy a Pcard+?

Nothing, the Pcard+ is free.

Q: Do I pay a Pcard+ subscription fee?

No, you only pay your parking costs.

Q: How exactly does the evening rate work?

As a Pcard+ holder, you benefit from an evening rate in most Interparking car parks. You will find the complete list of participating car parks on pcard.nl. In order to benefit from the evening rate, as a Pcard+ holder, you need take no action but simply use the car parks at those times when the evening rate applies. Regardless of your entry time, your evening fee cannot exceed the evening rate of € 5,-. You will find the times of the evening rates and rates on the car park details pages on pcard.nl.

Q: What do I have to do to change my credit card information?

Go to the My Account page. Enter your contractnumber and your password. On the change my bank details, enter your new details. Save and close.

Q: In what car parks can I get a discount on parking tariffs?

You can find everything about our promotions and the car parks where these apply on the www.pcard.nl website.

Q: How do I obtain a Pcard+ and what are its advantages?

All request are made via : www.pcard.nl

The advantages of the Pcard+ :

  1. Ease of use
    1. Payment at the machines is no longer necessary.
    2. Having change is no longer necessary.
    3. Keeping proof of payment is no longer necessary.
  2. Time saving
    1. Easy access to all Interparking car parks in Europe.
    2. Simplified administration for businesses.
  3. Advantageous
    1. Recovery of VAT (Private Plus or Business contract, if applicable).
    2. Promotions in certain car parks.